About Us

Hello there!

Thank you for visiting our store. 

We opened Deer Bloom to bring Scandinavian style children's accessories and furniture to the UK.

When our youngest daughter was born, we were looking for accessories and furniture for her new room. We came across Bloomingville with their simple, but beautiful products. These were hard to find in our area, so we thought: let's bring it ourselves! 

We started Deer Bloom with Bloomingville products for children, but we are looking to expand this to other Bloomingville products too.

The name Deer Bloom represents strength, nature, pride, growth, elegance and beauty. All shown in our products, designed with your growing children in mind.

We hope you love these products just as much as we do. Please leave us your feedback, so we can continue to bring wonderful products for you and your home!

Julia, Laurens-Jan, Ardian, Sara, Mia and Caspian.